Do you believe that obtaining legal solution is easy and affordable?
You just have to relax, tell Advokado your problems, and the solution comes to you.

Advokado app will be launched in 2019.


We believe that access to obtain legal advice must be wide open to the people in a transparent, fast, easy and affordable way. With the growth of economy and business development that have been increased rapidly in Indonesia, we are in the view that the conventional business model of legal industry is obsolete and narrow reaching. Therefore, Advokado applies technology to the legal services industry so that people can have accessed to legal assistance more openly and hassle free.

Through Advokado mobile apps, just tell us about the legal problems that you’re facing and within 24 hours we will connect you with lawyers and notaries in our network. The lawyers and notaries in our platform (Advokado Partners) are licensed and certified legal professionals, have a vast experiences and knowledge in legal industry and have been verified by Advokado.

No need to worry about the fee! We will not charge you for any services until you find the most suitable Advokado Partners and successfully made an engagement through our apps.

How ADVOKADO works?


Just tell us your problems and within 24 hours we will connect you to our curated talent of Advokado Partners that matched your needs.

Best Price

No need to waste your time to ask around in order finding the price for your legal solution, through our Mobile Apps we will curate a list of legal providers according to your needs and you can compare a fixed and transparent offer from multiple sources under one platform.

Click to Book

When you have found the most suitable professional for your case, just click to book your Advokado Partner.


Why Advokado Should Become The New Way To Find Legal Solution?

Lawyers & Notaries

Online network of Lawyers and Notaries in Indonesia is in the palm of your hands.

Fast & Affordable

Tell us your problem and we will connect you with our curated talent of Advokado Partners with the experience and cost that are suitable for your inquiry.

Experienced & Trusted

All professionals in our network have been selected and verified so that only the most credible could become Advokado Partner.

Solutions as needed

You can get the ideal legal solution by comparing the experience and price of the offer sent.

Fixed and Transparent

Our Advokado Partner will offer you a fixed and transparent fee. There will be no surprises to your fee!

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Any information that you’ve given to us will remain confidential. We only share your information to the selected Advokado Partner with the most suitable expertise.