Advokado helps Lawyers (freelance and law firms) and Notaries to provide and serve Indonesian people to obtain legal services faster and easier.

You can easily find new Client and earn more income. You have the freedom to work anywhere and on your time.

Why Should You Become Advokado Partner?

Grow with Us

Advokado is a mobile apps which focused on providing legal solution marketplace that can be accessed nationwide. Remove any limitation that you are facing when rendering a legal solution, grow your services and networking by creating online profile in Advokado.

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We are your new money machine with nationwide reach of Clients. You can earn more money by participating as a full time or part time partner; the choices are yours. #BecomeYourOwnBoss

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Are you tired of wasting your time to ask around for any referral or even finding other colleague to outsource your project? Say no more. We have got you covered with our vast networking. All at the ease of your fingertips.

Focus on Your Strength

Make an offer to a case in your preferred field, set your own timeline, manage your schedule and perform your job anywhere to your likings. No need to worry about office hour or even billable hour.